Anonymous Browsing

Why do we need anonymous browsing while surfing the internet?

There are many reasons peoples need anonymous browsing. One of them is because  anonymous browsing allows people to surf the web without leaving any trail. It’s important to be aware of any danger that ambush with every link you type in browser. Websites are saving personal data every time you surf the Internet and can easily detect your location through your unique IP address. Thinking to the large amount of internet thieves you realize how important the anonymous web browsing is.

Anonymous Browsing toolbar is the perfect Internet Explorer tool available on the market that assures you privacy while surfing the internet, releasing you of any concern that someone might harass you online.

How does the Anonymous Browsing toolbar works?

Fist of all, our easy-to-use product does not require technical skills neither for installation or usage. The complete proxy list provided is tested in advanced and updated on a daily basis to be sure that our users will fully enjoy surfing the web anonymously. The application hides your IP address by routing your Internet traffic through remote proxy servers. All you have to do is choose a proxy from the list and start the private anonymous browsing.

By selecting a proxy from a specific country you are instantly given an IP address from that country. In this way your anonymity is assured by changing your real IP address so that you appear to be located in that country. It’s easy, fast and sure.

More features and benefits you get using our anonymous web browsing tool are:

-> Hide / Change / Mask your IP address
-> Surf the Internet in complete anonymity
-> Post on forums without displaying your real IP address
-> Be anonymous in web chat rooms
-> Works with Internet Explorer 5.0 + and Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP

More reasons to use an anonymous web browsing toolbar

To better understand my saying, your current IP is: and you are located in United States (Country Code: US). As you can see, there is very easy to find someone’s IP address and country. But more than that, there are websites and applications that using your IP reveal important information about you like: your name, address, browser details, internet connection type and more, information that makes you vulnerable. Please note that we do not store and reveal this private information to anyone, but rather show it only for your information.

Examples of using an anonymous net browsing does not restrict only to the concern of internet thieve and protecting your online privacy. The reality is that employees and students/pupils are using private anonymous browsing if their connection to internet is restricted. While they have an internet filtering software installed to block access to different sites, Anonymous web browsing toolbar offers the use of an up-to-date proxy service so that you can pass over blocked pages in school, work or any other place.

A disturbing problem appears when someone has been banned from a website. Many of them won’t let you create another account because your IP address is on their black list. But using this private anonymous browsing toolbar you can create a new account and become an active user ready to explore that website.

Anonymous Browsing Toolbar is now ibVPN – the complete VPN, Proxy and SmartDNS solution.